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Sale & Purchase

Great Circle can assist owners with comprehensive pre-purchase inspections of any vessel they propose to acquire. The company can coordinate all aspects of purchase for a smooth take-over of the new acquisition, in most cases, from the same day! Great Circle has also successfully re-activated some vessels that were laid-up for a long period, and this service can also be offered to owners.

Great Circle can also provide full assistance to owners who wish to dispose of their vessels, either for further trading or for demolition.

New Building & Vessel Conversions: Great Circle has a qualified Project Team headed by a senior Naval Architect. The Project Team was involved in the construction of 5 bulk carriers at a Korean Shipyard, 3 bulk carriers at Indian Shipyard, 14 bulk carriers and 4 Cement Carriers at various Chinese shipyard for Precious Shipping. This team can offer owners complete service in new building projects, from the initial contract, initial design stage, through regular on-site supervision, till the delivery of the vessel as per contracted schedules. Great Circle can also help for after delivery, coordinate with shipyard for guarantee claims during guarantee period. Great Circle can also offer full assistance in vessel conversions. One of the main projects in this area included the conversion of a tween decker into a dedicated self-discharging cement carrier. Great Circle can also provide services for supervising the vessel’s dry-docking /retrofits / new installations. Discuss with shipyard and finalize the work scope. Liaison with vendor regarding technical and contractual matters.

Great Circle shipping can also assist owners for preparation of IHM reports as per rule requirements.