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Great Circle Shipping Agency Limited

Great Circle Shipping Agency Limited (“Great Circle”) was set up in 1988 in order to provide Technical Management Services for vessels owned by the Thai owner, Precious Shipping. One department of Great Circle also provided agency and husbandry services for vessels calling at ports in Thailand.

A modest beginning was made in December 1988 with a fleet size of 5 vessels. By 1997, Great Circle was well established, with 56 vessels under their technical management including bulk carriers, tweendeckers, general cargo vessels and specialised vessels like cement carriers and latex tankers. As of date, it provides technical management to a fleet of 36 ships, including 4 dedicated cement vessels.

Mr. Chandrasekhar, Director of Great Circle, joined the company in 1986 and has a close-knit team of professionals who man various key positions in the company.

Great Circle Shipping Agency Brochure