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Quality and Safety Policy

The Company GREAT CIRCLE SHIPPING AGENCY LIMITED (GCSHIP) was established in Thailand in 1988 and, is in business as ship managers to provide services of Technical Management to our Principals, who have entrusted their vessels to us. GCSHIP manages "Bulk Carriers" and "Cement Carriers".

The Company fully endorses a policy whereby Safety and the Protection of the environment is foremost. Our objective is dedicated to provide our customers, safe, reliable, efficient and quality services, which meet the agreed specifications. In doing so we will strive to ensure maritime safety, prevention of human injury or loss of life at sea, avoid damage to property and the environment. We will also maintain a safe, healthy and productive work environment, free from the unauthorized and indiscriminate use of Drugs & Alcohol.

In order to achieve this policy, the company has established the Quality Safety & Environment Management System (SQEMS) complying with the requirements of the International Safety Management (ISM) Code, and the ISO 9001:2015 standards. In order to maintain conformity and improve the effectiveness of this system, I will continually monitor and review the system regularly.  

I promise to take full responsibility for the implementation of the SQEMS, and endeavour that all personnel within the office, Master and crew-members on board vessels, shall perform their duties in accordance with the requirement of the SQEMS. It is our belief that with proper training, compliance with the international rules and regulations and company standards, we will be able to achieve this policy.

The responsibility for supervision and maintenance of SQEMS has been entrusted to the Technical Manager, who is also the Designated Person Ashore and the Management Representative. He has the responsibility to point out problems and deficiencies in the system and to propose or implement suitable solutions and countermeasures.

All personnel belonging to the company ashore and on board the ships under management are strongly requested to adhere to this policy.

31 March 2023, Bangkok