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Environment Protection Policy


ISO 14001:2015

The policy of the Company is to conduct its operations in an environmentally sustainable manner in order to protect the environmentand the planet earth for a better life for the present and future generations. Company has established the environment management system (EMS) in order to achieve this goal.

In implementing its policy the Company will make all efforts through its operations to:

a. Minimize pollution caused to the marine environment.

b. Comply with all national, international legislations and other regulations pertaining to pollution of environment.

c. Establish procedures for the efficient use of natural resources.

d. Improve environmental awareness of all employees.

e. Ensure effective monitoring- of the environmental performance of the Company is carried out.

f. Ensure continual improvement of the environmental performance and pollution prevention.

The Company will set targets and objectives for the improvement of environmental management and will publish details of its environmental performance to the public.

All employees have a role to play in caring for the environment. The company has a designated person to be responsible for environmental issues and environmental responsibilities are allocated to line management throughout the organization.

This policy will be subject to periodic review to ensure it continues to meet the Company's environmental requirements.

31 March 2023, Bangkok